Duke Power Heat Flux Calculator

Help you to determine the level of protection you will require.

Quite frequently customers call us asking for information on the level of Arc clothing they should have. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide such information for a variety of reasons. We can however help you to determine the level of protection you will require providing your can answer a few questions about the electrical system you will be working on.

If you should have some questions on the level of protection your need to have for your Arc Flash Clothing, we would like to refer you to the Duke Power Heat Flux Calculator. This is free software that you can download to your computer. The program will ask you a few questions pertaining to the electrical system you will be working on. Please bear in mind that each application is unique. If you are not sure of the particular application ask questions of those who should have knowledge of the application or consult with someone who can determine what the application is. When you input the answers to the questions the program will provide you an answer to your question “What level protection should I have.” There is a link provided below and also on our Home Page under the content.

Examples of some questions you should be prepared to answer:

  • The arc current in amps. This is the maximum amount of current that is available to create an arc.
  • The arc gap in inches. This is the distance the arc will flow through the air. This is typically the distance between bus bars, or bus bar and ground.
  • The supply voltage in volts. Provide your answer in numeric without a comma. For example 5000. Do not use a comma or 5kA .

The software will tell you if the voltage is sufficient to sustain an arc. If it is not, a smaller gap distance can be entered so that the calculator can proceed. You cannot go back and change the gap distance. You must exit from the software (CTRL-Break) and re-start it.

After the number is entered the software will provide some calculation and display the result.

  • Distance from the arc to the receiving surface. The receiving surface is the person who will be near the device when an arc flash occurs.
  • Duration of the arc in number of cycles. The number will be based on the clearing time of the fuse or breaker in the circuit.

Disclaimer: The Duke Heat Flux Calculator is a software product developed by Alan Privette of Duke Power . It is offer as a free download. Use of this software is the sole responsibility of the user. There is no warranty on this product and we do not accept any responsibility for any inappropriate use, damage or injury that may result from its use.

Facts about Arc Flash

Facts about Arc Flash

  • 5 to 10 ARC flash hazard occurs in USA every day.
  • Arc blast can have very high sound magnitude of + 140dB (as loud as a jet engine) which can result in hearing loss.
  • Arc flash can generates more than 35,000 ° F which is four times the surface temperature of the sun. At this temperature all the know materials are vaporized which causes air blast.
  • Arcs spray molten metal at speeds more than 700 mph and the blast shrapnel can penetrate the body.
  • An arc flash has a serious-injury radius greater than 10 Ft.
  • Clothing can ignited at 10 ft away too and which can cause fatal burns.
  • Clothed areas can be burned more several than exposed skin.
  • As much as 80% of all electrical injuries are burns resulting from an arc-flash and ignition of flammable clothing.
  • 10 to 15 workers in U.S. injured daily.
  • 1 to 2 deaths every day due to arc flash hazard.
  • More than 2000 people are treated annually in Burn centers, USA with Arc Flash Injuries.
  • Arc flash causes numerous deaths every year in USA but declining in number due to proper safety training, regulation and Personal protective equipments like – arc flash clothing, arc flash kits Shields, Hoods, Goggles & Balaclava, gloves and tools etc.

Lightweight Arc Flash Clothing (Master Series)

Lightweight Arc Flash Clothing

Those who have tried our Master Series (MS) clothing never return to our standard arc clothing.

Our Master Series is our lightweight clothing which offers great benefits in comfort and productivity. For users in the tropical zone this is the ideal arc clothing.

We are able to bring this clothing to youbecause of the development of new fabric technology.

I have heard it often said workers will sometimes avoid wearing arc clothing because it is heavy and cumbersome and will only wear them when they have to. With our Master Series you do not have that problem. With the lightness in these clothing one will forget they are wearing arc clothing unless they have a hood on.

Our Master Series is inherently Flame Resistance and offers the lightest weight arc clothing in the industry that meets NFPA 2012 standards to date.

Our master series arc clothing is durable and long lasting. It is the ideal clothing for users in hot tropical weather or Torrid Zone climatethat has to protect themselves from arc hazards of their work environment. The experience that you will realize is great comfort and increase productivity.

We offer this clothing in arc Jackets, Coats, Pants,Coverall, Bib Overalls, Hoods and Leggings. We also offer the following kits: Jackets and pants, Jacket and bib overall, Coverall, hooded jacket and pants and coat and leggings kits.

We only offerthe master Series incategory 4 clothing at two levels of protection, 44cal/cm2 and 74 cal/cm2.

Try our light weight clothing and enjoy the comfort.


Arc Suppression Blanket

What is an Arc Suppression Blanket?
arc-suppression-blanketIt is a protective device designed and built to abate the dangers of an Arc Explosion/Blast. This device is made from an aramid fiber –Kevlar that is commonly used in combat helmets and body armor. The inner layer of the blanket – Kevlar is covered by a flame resistant material commonly Nomex lll which helps to protect it from ultra-violet degradation.

What is an Arc Blast?
arc-suppression-blanket2It is a dangerous event that develops from an Arc flash. This event can be initiated when a small quantity of air is mixed with the released energy from an electrical fault. The air becomes super-heated and forms a pressure bolt in excess of thousands of pounds. The release of this pressure results in an explosion/blast. When an arc flash occurs it could be in different forms. The one I will discuss here is plasma arc, which is most common. Plasma arc is a combination of super – heated ionized air and the vaporization of material in its path. An, example of such could be metal from the conductor.

We developed our blankets to offer additional protection when workers must perform tasks in confined areas, such as underground network or in close proximity to adjacent energized cables that cannot be taken out of service.

You may use the blankets to create a wall and also to wrap splice cable.

Wrap the blankets loosely around energized cable splices or joints. Always cover wall to wall or duct to duct. If your coverage requires more than one arc blanket your overlap should be no less than 12″ to 18″.

The overlap or seam should be directed away from the work area.

Secure the blanket in place around the cable with synthetic rope. Tie it loosely but securely to allow for expansion should a fault occur.

Our arc suppression blanket has been developed and tested by leading industrial engineers. The arc suppression blanket has been tested at 42,000 amps of fault current. We believe it is the best for its intended use.

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Dielectric Switchboard Matting

Corrugated switchboard-matting

Protect yourself with the best in non-conductive insulated mat. Our mats are designed to help prevent electrical shocks around high voltage environment such as switch gears, fuse boxes, motor control centers and other high voltage apparatus.

Our mats are of the highest quality. They are manufactured to conform to OSHA’S standard and tested to ASTM 178 requirements. Each of our mats is tested at the specified voltage over the entire surface. The dielectric test strength does exceed specification requirements that offers additional safety margin.

We offer two grades of dielectric matting. One is our commercial grade and the other is our military grade matting. Our commercial mat is tested to ASTM standard.

For our military switchboard mat we manufacture a type II and a type III mat. Our type II insulating dielectric mat is tested to the requirements of Mil-DTL-15562G and has a smooth surface with a skid resistance backing. This specification is approved for use by the Navy, however it is commonly used in the commercial, industrial, commercial marine and avionics industry. This mat is also tested for performance following exposure to sulphuric acid, oxygen bomb aging and ultraviolet light exposure.

The military type III switchboard/dialectic mat has an attractive diamond plate surface pattern with a slip-resistant backing and is tested to the requirements of Mil-DTL-15562G. This mat was developed for the U.S. Defense Department and is commonly used by others to take advantage of the characteristics that is unique to this specification.